The Benefits of Red Fruit (Buah Merah)

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The benefits of Red Fruit ( Buah Merah ). On this occasion I will review about Red Fruit(Buah Merah). Red fruit(Buah Merah) plants are plants that are still one family with the pandanus plant. Pandanus conoideus in their habitat (New Guinea) grew from the lowlands near the coast to the highlands. In fact, on the slopes of high mountains Jayawijaya up to 2,500 m above sea level. These plants can be found in almost every region of Papua. These branched woody plants grow up to have five branches. Ribbon-shaped leaves are prickly-burr edges small.

So many benefits of red fruit, As for the types of diseases that can be treated red fruit such as: AIDS, Cancer and Tumor, Stroke and High Blood, Uric Acid, Diabetes Mellitus (diabetes), osteoporosis, eye disorders, and still Increasing Intelligence contained many more benefits
contained in the red fruit.

Thus a glimpse of the red fruit(Buah Merah) ... may be useful.

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Sandi Prayoga

Wah Buah merah, baru denger tuh,. Cos ane blm pernah emam tuh

Rizwan Kusasi

mantep ya khasiat buah merah...